Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Youth and sporting organizations

It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten news about what ex- Councillor Tran Siu is doing.  The last news that comes to mind had to do with his 2010 campaign for re-election to Brimbank’s Harvester Ward Council, on which Tran Siu had been an active councillor for two years.  During that time, Councillor Tran Siu had been responsible for a healthy economic development and tourism portfolio for Harvester Ward.  If memory serves, Cr Tran Siu had actively pursued community growth and improvement in the nearby city of Sunshine and, as a result of those efforts, Tran Siu managed to effect beneficial economic activity for both Sunshine and Harvester Ward.  It’s still nice to think about Tran Siu’s high energies, and how he was always on the move.  It was great to see how naturally Cr Tran Siu took to his council duties, quickly jumping in to the many community events that were seen as assets to the Ward and the people it represented. 

Tran Siu has always been one of Brimbank’s more productive citizens, constantly encouraging residents and businesses alike to participate in the promotion of one Brimbank or Sunshine community event after another.  Tran Siu is a personality that always manages to invigorate interest and spirited involvement.  Tran Siu invested boundless energy while working with youth clubs, such as Sunshine’s Lion’s Club.  Even the much younger Tran Siu was acknowledged for his contributions; as early as 2002, Tran Siu was awarded the VCE Achiever and Brimbank’s Young Citizen of the Year.  While Harvester Ward’s Councillor, Tran Siu concentrated his energies on creating links between local businesses and sporting clubs within that ward. Councillor Tran Siu’s endearing enthusiasm was warmly welcomed by the Australian Mayoral Aviation Council, Municipal Association of Victoria State Council, and Western Melbourne Tourism when he attended their meetings as Harvester Ward Council’s representative.   


Tran Siu’s passion
When last spotted and photographed, Tran Siu had been observed attending numerous multi-cultural events. Being of Vietnamese-Chinese heritage, Tran Siu is known to enjoy visiting ancient Chinese sites and discussing Chinese history.  Tran Siu had also frequented the well-attended Glen Waverly Festivals.  Earlier, Tran Siu was Yarra City’s Mayor and Councillor.  In those official capacities, he proudly attended Vietnamese and other cultural festivities.  Whether mayor, councillor, or private citizen, Tran Siu never let the grass grow under his feet; when Tran Siu believed he could do some good by promoting a city’s economic interests, he moved quickly to lend a hand. For this reason, it might be reasonable to assume that Tran Siu, although not so much in the limelight as of late, still has his hands and calendar full, and that Tran Siu is making business and cultural contacts within one or many Melbourne communities.  Based upon the Tran Siu we know – the Tran Siu whose personal business and political career accomplishments over the years we’ve found so refreshing to watch, it just might be an accurate guess that he’s planning something new and different for Melbourne, while we’re reading this article.  The Tran Siu we’ve watched assist varied cultural groups to excel in local business endeavors – the Tran Siu who was making such great headway as Brimbank’s Harvester Ward’s Councillor – the Tran Siu who is always setting new goals – this
Tran Siu surely will again be stepping to the fore.  Whether Tran Siu announces his wish to re-campaign for another stint as councillor or mayor, or become independent advisor to community members regarding pathways to improved economic success, we are confident that Melbourne’s own Tran Siu will again re-emerge, as successful leaders always do.

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