Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Work ethic and purpose

Tran Siu is one of Melbourne’s more enterprising individuals.  A first-generation Australian, Tran Siu is of Vietnamese-Chinese descent.  Tran Siu’s dedication to country has been expressed through an energized pursuit of community projects through personal participation.  This passion for community support and patriotism appears to have been strongly cultivated by Tran Siu’s hard-working immigrant parents.  Tran Siu exhibits an understandable passion for doing whatever he can to improve and assist Melbourne’s community groups and business enterprises.

Community assistance
It was some time ago that Tran Siu began participating in various political endeavors meant to promote local Vietnamese businesses. Having observed the strong work ethic of his immigrant parents and their deeply-felt appreciation for their new homeland, Tran Siu adopted those same qualities, as well as their wish to invest in Australia as enthusiastic citizens.  From his Vietnamese-Chinese parents, Tran Siu not only learned to work hard, but to also ensure such hard work included constructive action.  So, it came to be that, from child- to adulthood – Melbourne’s Tran Siu grew to be an individual with purpose; from Tran Siu’s school and neighborhood affiliations, to community and sporting activities, to the undertaking of local government service, Tran Siu inherently acts with targeted purpose.

Business associations 
The Vietnamese businesses that Tran Siu has helped to succeed included small restaurants in Sunshine. From promotional business materials, to attractive, well-presented dining menus, Tran Siu helped to implement important details that, often neglected, can make the difference between failure and success.  Again, the seed of awareness that such a need existed was sown by Tran Siu’s Vietnamese-Chinese parents, who, by example, provided Tran Siu with life lessons of helping one’s neighbors and contributing toward the general good. Such life lessons taught to Tran Siu have imbued him with an understanding of some very real needs of senior citizens.  This understanding of Tran Siu’s has been expressed through creating public awareness of Melbourne’s City of Brimbank’s senior citizens’ lack of proper recreational facilities and needed care for the aged. 

It’s told that, since boyhood, Tran Siu has shown exceptional leadership qualities.  Those qualities were observed when Tran Siu was attending Sunshine’s Glengala Primary School. Both in sporting and student group activities, Tran Siu demonstrated leadership capabilities and drive.  While studying to maintain good grades, Tran Siu maintained study skills to achieve college-preparatory grades.  Just as one would expect of any potential leader, Tran Siu achieved his desired goal of attending college.  That, in and of itself, is an accomplishment, however, many who attend college, fail to graduate.  By contrast, Tran Siu worked a full-time banking job and attended evening classes until he landed his Economic and Finance degree. That degree later equipped Tran Siuu to competently manage business associations and fulfill positions of authority.  Tran Siu’s success methodology is shared by countless leaders; i.e., devise a strategy to reach achievement, create a plan to implement that strategy, and then work that plan until the targeted goal is reached. 

No matter what project Tran Siu undertakes, that methodology is apparent.  From Tran Siu’s school years to adulthood, whether sports or student activities, or his more recent position of Brimbank’s Harvester Ward Councillor, Tran Siu performs according to plan.  Today, Tran Siu, son of earnest, hard-working, immigrant parents, continues to reach.  Only yesterday Tran Siu energetically served his Melbourne community as Ward Councillor; tomorrow remains to be seen.  One thing for sure, though - Tran Siu’s pursuits are worthy of our respectful attention. 

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