Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Embracing the Can-Do

Tran Siu is one of today’s rarities; he a self-made man.  Melbourne’s Sunshine communities can rightfully boast of Tran Siu and his actions as a hard-working and dedicated member of their Council.  

Tran is a young man, who has served the people of Brimbank City Council as their Deputy Mayor since November 2008.  Councillor Siu is particularly focused on both near- and long-term goals of improvement for the people of Brimbank.  He takes those goals seriously, just as he takes seriously his nation as a whole. 

 Siu was raised to hold Australia dear to his heart and protect her.  There are Australians who prefer to voice displeasure with their great nation, rather than invest in her health and betterment.  Their incessant complaining about her perceived shortcomings only frustrates Tran Siu and makes him grow weary.  Rather than complain, Councillor Siu prefers to make fortifying contributions to his proud homeland.   Siu concentrates on and reaches for the positives.
Councillor Siu was taught by appreciative refugee parents to be grateful for his proud country. The hard-working mother and father of Councillor Tran Siu instilled in him a sincere reverence for Australia, and a deep respect for civic duty.   Siu was taught from childhood that he must earn his achievements; the parents of Siu were the first to teach him the merits of individual responsibility. 

Tran Siu adopted the lesson of individual responsibility as absolute truth; he took that early training and carried it into every pursuit.  Councillor Siu knows that if individuals have access to the tools they need to build, they will generally succeed.  The strong work ethic of Siu pays tribute to this philosophy; first the parenting of him, then his educational accomplishments, and later his business achievements – all these underscore what that healthy work ethic can do.

There are those who do not share the strong work ethic of Councillor Siu.  Rather than pull together with Tran, as individuals who combine their skills and resources, those caustic few spend valuable Council time seeking to undermine him.  Nevertheless, understanding the power of individual responsibility, the attention of Councillor  Siu is not detracted by those counter-production acts.

Tran Siu understands that principled determination and a strong work ethic will always win out.  Councillor Tran Siu has learned from his own rich experiences that those qualities, mixed with the personal will to reach positive goals, will ensure just that.  

Tran Siu relies on the confidence he has in his fellow Australians.  Councillor Tran Siu knows that, with their continued support, and the cooperation – rather than antagonism – of his associates, they can all reach that finish line together.  He believes that mutual finish lines are attainable.  Councillor Tran  is confident that a more productive and robust economy awaits Australia.  The wish of Tran is that he be allowed to again assist Brimbank’s citizens in their efforts to achieve it.

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