Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Despite Negative Opposition

The constant purpose of Tran Siu is to get things done for the people of Sunshine.  That is why Tran Siu pursued his Council position in the first place. Tran Siu has had much experience with Melbourne’s community - quasi-political - organizations.  That experience now bolsters him; Tran is well prepared and willing to defend his actions against others’ negative campaigning.
That bolstering experience now serves Tran well.  While negative campaign tactics are designed to compromise his eligibility in the upcoming Council election. The strong resolve of Tran to make a positive difference for the people of Sunshine will not be shaken; the negative opposition against Tran Siu only serves to strengthen that fortifying resolve.

Tran has a background of many accomplishments. Tran has had impressive experience with a myriad of community organizations.  He has an extensive background of working with youth, disabled, and a variety of business groups.  That experience illustrates reliability of Tran Siu and his commitment to reach targeted goals.  Regardless of the negative accusations pelted against him, he remains steadfast; he is a man who is determined to honor his commitment to the people he represents.       
Tran has demonstrated his inherent leadership qualities. Whether as a participant in youth organization activities, or altruistic business events, Tran has always worked with the intensity required to help those groups reach stated goals. The skills developed by Councillor Trans Siu as a result of that involvement now translates to his ability to effectively reach the on-going pursuits of community economic development and improved tourism. 
One of the more heartfelt goals of Tran is providing Australia’s Vietnamese citizens with the needed tools to better represent themselves politically.  Tran believes that this endeavor must entail a more effective promotion of Sunshine’s Vietnamese businesses.

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  1. Tran Siu - bullshit councillor.

    Convicted assaulter; fraudster and general wanker.

    The scourge of the Vietnamese-Chinese community.

    Enjoy the $11,500 fine and 7 years banishment from electoral possibilities.